ESD Safe Table Utility Clamp for Magnifying Lamp, Black (1/2 inch Diameter, 13mm)

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  • ESD Safe Table Utility Clamp for Magnifying Lamp, Black (1/2 inch Diameter, 13mm)
  • ESD Safe Table Utility Clamp for Magnifying Lamp, Black (1/2 inch Diameter, 13mm)
  • ESD Safe Table Utility Clamp for Magnifying Lamp, Black (1/2 inch Diameter, 13mm)
  • ESD Safe Table Utility Clamp for Magnifying Lamp, Black (1/2 inch Diameter, 13mm)
  • This replacement clamp for magnifying lamp firmly fastens to the table and securely holds the magnifying lamp in place.
  • The clamp opens up to 2 3/8 inches (60mm). Easily adjusts to any table, work bench, or desktop surface less than 2 3/8 inch thick.
  • Hole diameter of 1/2 inch (13mm). Works great with any swing arm lamp or magnifying lamp, with a mounting diameter of 1/2 inch.
  • Durable, heavy duty metal base provides wider contact point on the bottom of the table. Solid construction ensures the clamp does not weaken or warp with time. Lasts for years of use.
  • Treated with black ESD Safe paint this makes it an ideal clamp for use when working with sensitive electronics, soldering, circuit board repair, and more.
This magnifier lamp work light mounting bracket clamp easily attaches to your work table.

The soft foam non-slip padding grips the side of the table for added stability.

Please measure your lamp to ensure fit. No tools required.

Add additional types of brackets to increase versatility! Easily move your lamp to other rooms or work spaces without removing the brackets.

Quick Overview
Mount Adapter Size of Stand: Dia. 13mm. Clamp Opening Size: 0-60mm, 2.36 inches . ESD Safe. For MG1630 Series Magnifier.

MG16310104 Magnifier Clamp (ESD)
Clamps and Stands
Mount Adapter Size of Stand Dia. 13mm
Clamp Opening Size0-60mm, 2.36 inches
Surface TreatmentSpray Paint
ESD SafeESD Safe
Net Weight0.30kg (0.66lbs)
Applied FieldFor MG1630 Series Magnifier


Technical Info

Clamps and StandsClose Λ
Base clamp is the clamp of the microscope stand that is clamped on the side of the desktop.
Pay attention to confirm in advance whether the material and thickness of the tabletop can withstand the weight of the microscope stand and the body.
ESD SafeClose Λ
Static electricity is a charge that is at static or non-flowing state, and static electricity is formed when charges accumulate on an object or surface.
Static electricity can cause malfunction or mis-opeartion of electronic equipment, resulting in electromagnetic interference. In the electronics industry, static electricity can break down integrated circuits and precision electronic components, causing components to age, and can also absorb dust, causing contamination of integrated circuits and semiconductor components, and reducing production yield. In the plastics industry, static electricity can cause film or membrane not wining up uniformly, film and CD plastic discs contaminated with dust, thereby affecting quality. In industrial production, especially in electronic production and processing and inflammable and explosive production sites, electrostatic protection should be taken seriously.

ESD means "electro-static discharge." For the methods of ESD treatment with respect to microscope and components, electrical conductivity of the metal should be utilized on the one hand, and on the other hand, electrostatic materials, electrostatic coating and other methods of treatment should be adopted to solve the electrostatic problem.
Electrostatic coating is to apply coat that can prevent static electricity. It has electrostatic discharge, dust-proof, mildew-proof, wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistance and other characteristics. The surface of the coating does not generate static electricity or the static electricity is discharged to the safe place through the conductor row.
On some components, electrostatic materials may be applied, such as the microscope knob handle, insulation mat, septum, microscope cover etc.
PackagingClose Λ
After unpacking, carefully inspect the various random accessories and parts in the package to avoid omissions. In order to save space and ensure safety of components, some components will be placed outside the inner packaging box, so be careful of their inspection.
For special packaging, it is generally after opening the box, all packaging boxes, protective foam, plastic bags should be kept for a period of time. If there is a problem during the return period, you can return or exchange the original. After the return period (usually 10-30 days, according to the manufacturer’s Instruction of Terms of Service), these packaging boxes may be disposed of if there is no problem.
Packaging TypeCarton Packaging
Packaging MaterialCorrugated Carton
Packaging Dimensions(1)13.5.x8.5x4.5cm (7.283x3.346x1.771″)
Inner Packing MaterialPlastic Bag
Ancillary Packaging MaterialsSponge
Gross Weight0.40kg(0.88lbs)
Minimum Packaging Quantity1pc
Transportation CartonCarton Packaging
Transportation Carton MaterialCorrugated Carton
Transportation Carton Dimensions(1)13.5.x8.5x4.5cm (7.283x3.346x1.771″)
Total Gross Weight of Transportation(kilogram)0.40
Total Gross Weight of Transportation(pound)0.88

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