Industry Leading Warranties

View Solutions microscopes and accessories are manufactured under the strict guidelines established by ISO 9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, or CE (marked per product).

Our products are warranted against manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship from the original date of purchase, for the following years:

Lifetime Warranty
Designated products marked lifetime warranty.

5/1 Year Warranty
Products with 5/1 Year Warranty means that some parts of the microscope (such as hardware) are 5 year warranty, and some parts (such as electrical components) are 1 year warranty (see below for more info).

5 Year Warranty
All of our microscopes (except video and digital microscopes) come with a five (5) year factory warranty against manufacturing defects, including replacement parts.

1 Year Warranty
Includes video microscopes, digital microscopes, electrical and electronic products including light sources, cameras, software, monitors, and electronic components.
Our microscope accessories (such as microscope cameras and illuminators) come with a one (1) year warranty, except when specified in the description.

Warranty does not apply for consumable accessories and parts such as bulbs, batteries, fuses, cords, optical components or any add-on accessories such as mechanical specimen holders that are not built into the microscope stage as an integral part of the original manufacture, etc. Warranty does not cover lenses that have become inoperable due to dirt or damage due to misuse or lack of maintenance.

Warranties are only applicable for products purchased directly from View Solutions Inc.

Warranty is void when product QR / Barcode Stickers are removed from the product.

Note: Buyers are responsible for round-way shipping and handling cost for warranty services.