About Us

About Us
View Solutions Inc. designs, manufactures, and supplies microscope dealers with microscopes, microscope parts and accessories, and optical instruments with superior quality. Our parts and accessories are compatible with Leica, Olympus, Nikon, and Zeiss.

View Solutions Inc. provides the most advanced technology, the best quality products at the lowest cost, and the most convenient services.

We aim to provide total solutions in micro visuals to benefit our customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders from the globalization economy by utilizing our creative talents, advanced technologies, quality products, best services, cost-effective operations, and rich experiences in optical, electronic, precision machinery, biological, and metallurgical industries.

We are dedicated to becoming a top brand international company by providing our customers with the most advanced technologies, the best quality products at lowest cost, and the most convenient services.

Since 2004, View Solutions has been supplying and servicing the electronic and optical industries, precision inspecting and testing, teaching, and laboratory fields. We provide high quality products at the best prices with convenient customer support. We have established well-built distribution networks in America, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, etc. Our engineer and manufacturing teams guarantee the capabilities, quality, and speed for OEM and customized products.

Our product lines are focused on machine vision, optical and digital images, video processing systems, and optical and electrical control modules.

Our products cover Optical Video Measurement Systems, Optical Microscopes, Industrial Stereo Microscopes, Video Inspection Systems, Video Microscopes, Biological Microscopes, Metallurgical Microscopes, Portable Measuring Microscopes, Digital Microscopes, Digital CCD Cameras, Magnifiers, and Microscope Accessories such as monitors, lights, illuminators, stands, arms, lenses, adapters, etc.

We have our own designed, patented, and manufactured video microscopes and digital microscopes.

All of our products, designed in modules with easy assembling and integration, are widely applied in inspecting, measuring and testing electronics, precision, laboratories, and measurement industries.

Our advanced technologies are supported by our team of experienced experts, who come from top universities and research institutes. Our creative and experienced mechanical, optical, and electrical engineers and technicians specialize in designing microscopes, lenses, measurement instruments, mechanical and electrical control, precision machinery, mechanical processing and manufacturing, and metal and plastic modes.

We are dedicated to inventing innovative products to meet our customers’ further requirements and surpassing our customers’ expectations. We continue to provide professional and complete integration of optic, machinery, electric, and electronic products for our customers internationally.

Supply Chain
Our efficient and effective supply chain ensures low costs and on time delivery for our customers.

We offer Same Day Shipping for orders received before 12:00PM (Noon) Pacific Standard Time.

Quality Guarantee
Most of our products are based on the U.S. design and the U.S. industry requirements. The same manufacturing technologies and quality standards prevail in all the products being sold internationally.

For OEM products, we screen our suppliers very strictly. In order to guarantee that we deliver our qualified products to our customers, our staff in our Quality Control Center checks every single product. For special projects, we send our Quality Control staff to the specific factories to check the products.

Sales Networks
To best serve our customers, we have our dealer and distributor networks set up in America, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, etc.