Privacy Policy

View Solutions Inc. maintains a firm commitment to your privacy. All information provided is considered confidential and intended solely for transaction-related purposes only. We do not sell, rent or trade any customer information to third parties. We recognize that identity theft and spam are growing concerns with our customers, and we will protect any information given to us with the highest degree of integrity and security. We utilize standard SSL encryption when accepting credit card information during online ordering and all online orders are placed through a secure server.

View Solutions believes that dealing with personal information in a proper manner is an important social responsibility and declares that it will strive to protect personal information according to the privacy protection policy set out below:

1. Compliance
View Solutions will abide by all laws and regulations related to privacy protection, and will continue to develop and refine its internal management system based on this policy of improvement.

2. Acquisition and use of Personal Information
View Solutions will acquire personal information in a fair and lawful manner, and where restriction on the use of such information is specified, the acquired personal information will not be used for any other purpose other than as specified.

3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
View Solutions will not provide any personal information to any third party unless prior authorization is obtained or due legal or regulatory procedure followed.

4. Proper Management of Personal Information
View Solutions will implement the necessary and proper safety control measures based on this policy and the information management rules, as well as providing its directors, employees, and other related personnel with the necessary education and training to properly manage personal information.

The View Solutions Inc. Privacy Policy was updated on March 3, 2020.