50pc Plane Slide Microscope Slide Glass Slide (1.85mm-1.95mm50pc) SL39101021

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  • 50pc Plane Slide Microscope Slide Glass Slide (1.85mm-1.95mm50pc) SL39101021
  • 50pc Plane Slide Microscope Slide Glass Slide (1.85mm-1.95mm50pc) SL39101021
  • 50pc Plane Slide Microscope Slide Glass Slide (1.85mm-1.95mm50pc) SL39101021
  • 50pc Plane Slide Microscope Slide Glass Slide (1.85mm-1.95mm50pc) SL39101021
  • 50pc Plane Slide Microscope Slide Glass Slide (1.85mm-1.95mm50pc) SL39101021
  • 50pc Plane Slide Microscope Slide Glass Slide (1.85mm-1.95mm50pc) SL39101021

Quick Overview
Plane Slide. Pre-Cleaned. Glass Slide Quantity per Pack: 50pc. Glass Slide Dimensions: 25.4x76.2mm (1x3 in. ).

SL39101021 Glass Slide (1.85mm-1.95mm50pc)
Glass Slides
Glass Slide ApplicationMicroscope Slide
Glass Slide TypePlane Slide
Pre-Cleaned Glass SlidePre-Cleaned
Glass Slide Thickness1.85mm-1.95mm
Glass Slide Quantity per Pack50pc
Glass Slide Dimensions25.4x76.2mm (1x3 in. )
MaterialSoda Lime Glass
Net Weight0.39kg (0.86lbs)
Dimensions78x88x27mm(3.071x3.465x1.063 in. )


Technical Info

Glass SlidesClose Λ
Glass slide is a glass piece or a quartz piece on which a biological specimen is placed when observing through the microscope. When preparing sample, the cell or tissue, after being sliced and treated, is placed on a glass slide, and the cover glass is placed thereon, and then the glass slide is used for observation under the microscope.

Glass slide requires good light transmission, and its surface flat and even. For different application requirements, different glass slides can be selected.
Glass sides are generally made of standard rectangles. The general standard size is about 75x25mm, the conventional thickness is 1mm, and there are also 2mm, 3mm, etc., and the thickest can be up to 8mm.
Generally, the surface and edge of the glass slide are treated with various forms, such as transparent, frosted, colored frosted, single concave, double concave, and edging etc.
Classified according to materials, glass slides can be divided into common float glass slides and quartz glass slides.
Classified according to cleaning requirements, glass slides can be divided into wash-free slides and non-wash-free slides. According to requirements for use, glass slides can be divided into microscope glass slide and cell culture glass slides.

Glass slides should be cleaned. Use finger and edge contact as much as possible, avoid direct finger contact with the surface of the slide so as to avoid leaving fingerprints or smudges on it. If so, after washing with water or alcohol, wipe it off with gauze or tube wiping tissue.
PackagingClose Λ
After unpacking, carefully inspect the various random accessories and parts in the package to avoid omissions. In order to save space and ensure safety of components, some components will be placed outside the inner packaging box, so be careful of their inspection.
For special packaging, it is generally after opening the box, all packaging boxes, protective foam, plastic bags should be kept for a period of time. If there is a problem during the return period, you can return or exchange the original. After the return period (usually 10-30 days, according to the manufacturer’s Instruction of Terms of Service), these packaging boxes may be disposed of if there is no problem.
Packaging TypeCarton Packaging
Packaging MaterialCardboard Box
Packaging Dimensions(1)78x88x27mm(3.071x3.465x1.063″)
Ancillary Packaging MaterialsPulp Mold
Gross Weight0.40kg(0.88lbs)
Transportation CartonCarton Packaging
Transportation Carton MaterialCardboard Box
Transportation Carton Dimensions(1)78x88x27mm(3.071x3.465x1.063″)
Total Gross Weight of Transportation(kilogram)0.40
Total Gross Weight of Transportation(pound)0.88

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