200 Prepared Microscope Slides Specimen Set, Plant Animal Human Anatomy Cells

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  • 200 Prepared Microscope Slides Specimen Set, Plant Animal Human Anatomy Cells
  • A set of 100 biology slides, including human anatomy, plant, and animal specimen.
  • Professionally prepared and stained glass slides.
  • Individually labeled and numbered for easy referencing.
  • Glass slide dimensions measure 1x3 inch (75x25mm).
  • Ideal for education or teaching in high school, elementary school, or home school.
Specimen are secured in place and protected with a glass cover slip. Brand new slides are passed through quality control inspections for clean, scratch-free and uncontaminated slides.

Slides are organized in numerical order. The indexed guide makes it easy to return slides in their places. The plastic box provides easy storage.

Standard sized slides will fit common compound biological microscopes.

Slide Specimens Set Includes:
(Set 1 of 2)
1. Paramecium
2. Euglena
3. Rotife
4. Spincule of Spongia (Whole Mount)
5. Cyclops
6. Hydra (Transverse Section)
7. Hydra (Cross Section)
8. Planaria (Cross Section)
9. Earthworm (Cross Section)
10. Eggs Of Taenia Solium (Whole Mount)
11. Taenia Pisiformis (Section)
12. Ascarid Egg (Whole Mount)
13. Ascaris (Cross Section)
14. Mosquito - Female (Whole Mount)
15. Mosquito - Male (Whole Mount)
16. Mosquito Larva (Whole Mount)
17. Nymph (Transverse Section)
18. Hirudo (Transverse Section)
19. Liver Fluke (Section)
20. Drosophila - Female (Whole Mount)
21. Drosophila - Male (Whole Mount)
22. Drosophila - Larva (Whole Mount)
23. Fish Scales (Whole Mount)
24. Skin of Fish (Section)
25. Fish Gill (Longitudinal Section) (Cross Section)
26. Testis of Fish (Transverse Section)
27. Ovary of Fish (Transverse Section)
28. Simple-Cell Egg of Frog (Section)
29. Frog Epidermis Cell (Section)
30. Housefly Leg (Whole Mount)
31. Honey Bee Foreleg
32. Honey Bee Worker Leg-Composite (Whole Mount)
33. Grasshopper Foot
34. Butterfly Leg
35. Grasshopper Antenna
36. Honey Bee Antenna
37. Antenna of Butterfly (Whole Mount)
38. Mosquito Mouth Part (Whole Mount)
39. Honey Bee Mouth Part (Whole Mount)
40. Housefly Mouth Part (Whole Mount)
41. Mosquito Wings (Whole Mount)
42. Housefly Wing (Whole Mount)
43. Butterfly Wings Scales (Whole Mount)
44. Dragonfly Wings (Whole Mount)
45. Honey Bee Wings (Whole Mount)
46. Grasshopper Wing (Whole Mount)
47. Ant (Whole Mount)
48. Aphis (Whole Mount)
49. Silkworm Moth Larva (Whole Mount)
50. Human Hair (Whole Mount)
51. Feather (Whole Mount)
52. Underfur of Bird (Whole Mount)
53. Smooth Muscle Isolated (Whole Mount)
54. Smooth Muscle (Longitudinal Section) & (Cross Section)
55. Skeletal Muscle (Longitudinal Section) & (Cross Section)
56. Cardiac Muscle (Longitudinal Section)
57. Human Cell Mucus Membrane Smear
58. Dense Connective Tissue (Section)
59. Loose Connective Tissue (Section)
60. Cuboidal Epithelium (Section)
61. Ciliated Epithelium (Section)
62. Adipose Cell (Section)
63. Oesophagus (Transverse Section)
64. Stomach (Section)
65. Small Intestine (Section)
66. Rectum (Cross Section)
67. Lung of Rabbit (Section)
68. Liver (Section)
69. Kidney (Section)
70. Spleen (Section)
71. Pancreas (Section)
72. Lymph Node (Section)
73. Urinary Bladder (Section)
74. Ureter (Cross Section)
75. Ovary (Section)
76. Testis (Section)
77. Spermatozoa (Smear)
78. Uterus (Section)
79. Oviduct (Transverse Section)
80. Tongue (Longitudinal Section)
81. Olfactory Membrane Section
82. Hard Bone (Transverse Section)
83. Hyaline Cartilage (Section)
84. Elastic Cartilage (Section)
85. Human Blood (Smear)
86. Frog Blood (Smear)
87. Fish Blood (Smear)
88. Chicken Blood (Smear)
89. Motor Nerve (Whole Mount)
90. Spinal Cord (Cross Section)
91. Nerves Trunk (Longitudinal Section)
92. Artery and Vein (Cross Section)
93. Arteriole (Cross Section)
94. Venae Cavae (Cross Section)
95. Skin of Human (Shows Hair Follicle) (Section)
96. Skin of Human (Shows Sweat Gland) (Section)
97. Tail (Cross Section)
98. Mitosis of Animal (Section)
99. Mitosis of Grasshopper (Section)
100. Chromosome of Human (Whole Mount)

(Set 2 of 2)
1. Poa Leaf (Cross Section)
2. Letter “e” (Whole Mount)
3. Yeast-Budding (Whole Mount)
4. Three Types of Bacteria (Smear)
5. Escherichia Coli (Smear)
6. Staphylococcus Aureus (Smear)
7. Spirillum (Smear)
8. Aspergillus (Whole Mount)
9. Penicillium (Whole Mount)
10. Rhizopus (Whole Mount)
11. Microgonidium (Whole Mount)
12. Phylum Charophya (Whole Mount)
13. Cladophora (Whole Mount)
14. Melosira (Whole Mount)
15. Bacillariophyta (Whole Mount)
16. Chlamydomonas (Whole Mount)
17. Volvox (Whole Mount)
18. Nostoc (Whole Mount)
19. Spirogyra (Whole Mount)
20. Spirogyra Conjugation (Whole Mount)
21. Lichen (Section)
22. Maroharttis Archegortia (Longitudinal Section)
23. Marohartia Aritheridis (Longitudinal Section)
24. Polytrichum (Whole Mount)
25. Polytrichum Antheridia (Longitudinal Section)
26. Lichen Apothecia (Section)
27. Nostoc Commune (Whole Mount)
28. Spore of Equisetum Arvense (Whole Mount)
29. Strobile of Equisetum Arvense (Longitudinal Section)
30. Cyphella of Marchantia (Section)
31. Agaricus (Section)
32. Laminaria Japonica (Section)
33. Mitosis - Onion Root Tip (Longitudinal Section)
34. Zea Root (Cross Section)
35. Young Root of Broad Bean (Cross Section)
36. Young Root of Gossypium Hirsutum (Cross Section)
37. Young Root of Helianthus Annuus (Transverse Section)
38. Vicia Faba Root Tip (Longitudinal Section)
39. Zea Root Tip (Longitudinal Section)
40. Pine Root (Cross Section)
41. Ranunculus Root (Cross Section)
42. Terminal Bud Stem Tip (Longitudinal Section)
43. Stem of Nerium Indicum (Transverse Section)
44. Fern Stem (Cross Section)
45. Pine Stem (Longitudinal Section)
46. Cottom Stem (Cross Section)
47. Soya Stem (Cross Section)
48. Stem of Nymphaea Tetragona (Transverse Section)
49. Steam of Mentha Haplocalyx (Transverse Section)
50. Pine Stem (Cross Section)
51. Young Stem of Ligustrum Lucidum (Transverse Section)
52. Rice Stem (Cross Section)
53. Sunflower Stem (Cross Section)
54. Zea Stem (Cross Section)
55. Zea Stem (Longitudinal Section)
56. Stem of Wheat (Cross Section)
57. Cucurbita Stem (Longitudinal Section)
58. Tilia Stem (Cross Section)
59. Stem-Collenchyma (Cross Section)
60. Stem-Parenchyma (Cross Section)
61. Stem-Sclerenchyma (Cross Section)
62. Onion Epidermis (Whole Mount)
63. Lower Epidermis of Broad Bean Leaf (Whole Mount)
64. Lower Epiderm of Leaf of Wheat (Whole Mount)
65. Stellate Hair of Leaf Epidermis (Whole Mount)
66. Dandelion Fuzz (Whole Mount)
67. Berry Hair (Whole Mount)
68. Fibre (Whole Mount)
69. Corn Starch (Whole Mount)
70. Plasmodesmos (Section)
71. Leaf of Hydrilla Verticillata (Longitudinal Section)
72. Leaf of Ligustrum Lucidum (Transverse Section)
73. Leaf of Mentha Haplocalyx (Transverse Section)
74. Leaf of Winter Jasmine (Cross Section)
75. Leaf of Nerium Indicum (Transverse Section)
76. Leaf of Nymphaea Tetragona (Transverse Section)
77. Rhoeo Discolor Leaf (Whole Mount)
78. Cotton Leaf (Cross Section)
79. Frond of Marchantia (Section)
80. Leaf of Zea Mays (Transverse Section)
81. Pine Leaf (Cross Section)
82. Pelargonium Leaf (Cross Section)
83. Funaria Leaf (Cross Section)
84. Leaf of Ficus Carica (Transverse Section)
85. Pinecone - Female (Longitudinal Section)
86. Pine Young Staminate Cone (Longitudinal Section)
87. Cucurbita Pollen (Whole Mount)
88. Vegetable Pollen (Whole Mount)
89. Pea Pollen (Whole Mount)
90. Rapeseed Pollen (Whole Mount)
91. Pine Pollen (Whole Mount)
92. Pollen Gem (Whole Mount)
93. Flower of Capsella Bursa-Pastoris (Whole Mount)
94. Flower Bud of Lily
95. Lilium Ovary (Cross Section)
96. Lilium Anther (Cross Section)
97. Fruit of Ficus Carica (Transverse Section)
98. Tomato Flesh (Whole Mount)
99. Pome Sclereid (Whole Mount)
100. Zea Seed (Longitudinal Section)

Quick Overview
Plane Slide. Glass Slide Quantity per Pack: 200pc. Glass Slide Dimensions: 25.4x76.2mm (1x3 in. ). Cover Slip Shape: Round. Cover Slip Dimensions: Dia. 16mm. Cover Slip Thickness: 0.15mm.
Suggested Applications
Education & Student , College & Undergraduate, Compound (High Power) , Graduate & Research, High School (9-12)

SL39901009 200pc Prepared Slides (Mix)
Prepared Slides
Glass Slide ApplicationMicroscope Slide
Glass Slide TypePlane Slide
Glass Slide Thickness1mm
Glass Slide Quantity per Pack200pc
Glass Slide Dimensions25.4x76.2mm (1x3 in. )
Cover Slip ShapeRound
Cover Slip Dimensions Dia. 16mm
Cover Slip Thickness0.15mm
Net Weight1.0kg (2.204lbs)
Dimensions20x16.4x3.5cm (7.874x6.456x1.377 in. )


Technical Info

Prepared SlidesClose Λ
Slide samples are glass slides that contain various kinds of specimens and styles, usually they have label marked contents.
There are various kinds of slide samples, and the commonly seen slide samples include are cells, blood, algae, bacterial culture fluid, various tissue sections of insects, animals and plants etc.
According to the different materials and production methods of the specimens, the specimens are produced by the smear method, the tableting method, the slicing method, the loading method, etc., and sometimes dyeing treatment is required.
It must be guaranteed that the specimens are smooth, uniform, clean, and closed, not easily dehydrated, decolorized and oxidized.
PackagingClose Λ
After unpacking, carefully inspect the various random accessories and parts in the package to avoid omissions. In order to save space and ensure safety of components, some components will be placed outside the inner packaging box, so be careful of their inspection.
For special packaging, it is generally after opening the box, all packaging boxes, protective foam, plastic bags should be kept for a period of time. If there is a problem during the return period, you can return or exchange the original. After the return period (usually 10-30 days, according to the manufacturer’s Instruction of Terms of Service), these packaging boxes may be disposed of if there is no problem.
Packaging TypePlastic Box
Packaging MaterialPlastic
Packaging Dimensions(1)20x16.4x3.5cm (7.874x6.456x1.377″)
Ancillary Packaging MaterialsSponge
Gross Weight1.55kg (3.42lbs)
Minimum Packaging Quantity100pc
Transportation CartonPlastic Box
Transportation Carton MaterialPlastic
Transportation Carton Dimensions(1)20x16.4x3.5cm (7.874x6.456x1.377″)
Total Gross Weight of Transportation(kilogram)1.55
Total Gross Weight of Transportation(pound)3.42

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